A Happy New Year

IMG_4188For 28 families in CT today the Mayans were correct. It was the end of their world. It is looking like living without fear of the unknown will also become harder for many. I want to look ahead to a New Year, starting early. In case we don’t have that privilege in a few weeks. This antique post card I am selling is also ironic. The people (mostly women) that they hired one hundred years ago to apply the gilding would get a disease from touching the metal in the paints.

I went to the Friday night auction, good thing. There will not be one next week. I bought some random stuff. I had buyers remorse early on, but I can’t return the stuff. I have to hope it sells. The fun stuff I do not regret is an antique scythe (think grim reaper). Someday it will hang on my shed wall. I also bought a box of antique cast iron items. It included a star trivet, antique triangle dinner bell, and a few ornate old fashion irons with their resting trivets. Something I always wanted, a receipt spindle. I kind of think I had one before, but I could just be so intertwined with my fantasy life I can’t tell the difference. I also bought a full box of assorted hardware, because it had a metal star in it. I can’t wait to dig piece by piece and see what treasures it has. I bought an antique wedding dress. Why, why not for a few dollars? I am a bottom feeder, taking the things no one else bid on. I have made some profit in the past doing this, I hope to again, and again. Some of the other neat things included with my purchases were old pulleys and an old door knob, maybe 100 years old.

I have over 100 things listed for sale now. Most things do not sell and I have to list them 5 or 6 times before they do. If it ever snows this winter I have enough projects to keep me busy. I never photographed all my postcards I bought before. I still have some books to photograph and list, besides random things still tucked into my closet. A Happy New Year to me will be my roof re-done, my shed redone with windows and better doors, and a dog fence built before the heat of summer.