Cold Wet Rain


I am glad we have rain instead of snow. No shoveling, no clearing off the car, yet. It does seem very unnatural  in a way. I guess the Winter is not officially started yet either. I sent out my Christmas cards today. I did not write much in them. My handwriting takes dyslexic turns for the worst. I even messed up with my own name and writing “Love”. I kept them as is, mistakes and all.  I might do a short newsletter or make my own cards next year. Postcards sound good, I hate licking envelopes. I also like the idea of someone else, like postal workers, reading my mail. I most likely will try to make them funny. I might start working on Valentines now, since I think the art of correspondence has been trampled by texting and facebook. The Mayans were most likely correct, but we are looking for an instant change or end of world doom. The change has been creeping in for years, we are almost cyborgs. We become dependent on a system to solve our problems for us. We blame the system if we fail. We still can not get enough technology,  yet we don’t use it for what we truly need. We need experiences with taste, touch, smells, real life. We need seasons of change, individualism, problem solving at a basic level. I am sending paper cards with printed words, it is a step back towards  an idyllic time.

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