Update of Excuses

IMG_4409Number one reason I have not gone to the gym in the last two days, I spent my gas allowance and then some. I even siphoned money from my Ebay sales, that was to go to home repairs. The grocery store and gas station are my budget busters. I really have not accomplished more at home by not going, except more sleeping. I also spent most of my awake time relisting everything that has not sold on ebay. Tomorrow I will try to get some more of my postcards listed. I will also need to do laundry. I have not done any yesterday or today. When my yard floods, I am scared my septic will flood too. It has not yet, but it needs a professional to reassure me it is ok. I don’t even know where the drain lines are. I must find that out before I throw my garden too close or even on top of it.

So tomorrows plans are to lay low, clean, list, maybe plant some seeds. Friday I am playing taxi, then going with my daughter to the auction. I have also tried to blog more, but I have excuses for that too. My internet service has been much slower than usual. It even was out for awhile here and there. I did not take any new pictures. I like to keep my pictures ones of my own, and for some reason do not like to blog with out pictures. My pictures usually have nothing to do with my blog. That is how my mind works. It never is keeping on task. I am back to having  sleepless nights again. Yesterday I was up to after 3:30AM. Tonight feels like the same, but I hope not. I have not watched any netflix in days. I have not done much pinterest at all. I sometimes feel like I will go insane from being restless. I can’t clean or bake without waking up my son. The dog also hates me to vacuum.

To keep myself occupied unproductively, I will now look at the weather forecast. I can hear the rain outside. The lawn was already in river and lake status, the snow 99 percent gone. I will check one more time, just to hope this is the last of the rain.

Farm Fresh, Rusty Gold

IMG_4453I am waiting for the above freezing temps that the weatherman predicted. I can’t complain, for the first time all week my internet is not super-slow and all my pipes are unfrozen. I can do dishes and shower with both hot and cold. My shower has been working with just hot water, so that took awhile to get used to scalding myself clean. There does not seem to be any air sputtering or pressure loss. I hope that means no pipes need repair.

They still have a wintry advisory until tomorrow morning. I am still going to go work out today. It is not lake effect, on the radar it looks like the worst is past. They did cancel all after school activities, that is rare.

I think working with the weight machines has helped my left “bad” arm and hand already. It has only been one week. I did stumble walking out of the massage room yesterday. My left leg seized up for some reason. I got the “what is wrong with you” stare. I ignored it, I am anti-social that way. I am not going to wear a shirt explaining my condition, even though I think the people that stare want to ask. They should make stroke cause and affect t-shirts, but some people would not understand unless it happens to them.

I want cold to mean 50, not -5

IMG_3758It was sooo cold the last few nights, my pipes to the kitchen froze again. I have so much to correct before next winter season. I need to make it through this one first. In my dreams I would add on a small room with a masonry fireplace or old wood cookstove with lots of heat retaining floors and walls. I would also build a lean to green house on the back of the house. Both those seem out of reach for now, so I will keep it real with a working furnace and better insulation and heat tape for the pipes. There is no crawl space or basement here, not ideal for Arctic living.

I did not go to planet fitness yesterday or today. It is OK, I will be back on track tomorrow. It should warm up to 20. Even if it snows an inch or two, it will seem like a minor inconvenience. How did anyone survive below zero temps before the industrial age? I feel the answer is a combination of traveling south and hibernation. It is on my plans for the future. Soon as my son graduates from high school, I will become a snowbird.

Be Bopping Along


I made it to Planet Fitness today. It was a workout to clear the snow off the car. I went through all the machines I could do. I had my heart rate up to 84, which according to the chart is 65% of a 90 year old. At least I am on the chart now. I did both massages, not sure I will do the chair one again, it did not stay on my neck enough. It also hurt my left shoulder blade. I have no muscle on my bone there. The hydro-massage is ok, but it is mostly on the spine. It would be nice to feel it on my shoulders and left arm.

My purple mailbox

IMG_4728Standing proud, contrasted in abundant white, not ready to be used, but there is no mail service today. Please ignore the hideous 4 x 4 in the foreground. That was some weird contraption here when I moved in. It holds a tiny water meter. I hope to add plants, signs and art to camouflage it in the spring. The background is my neighbors houses, because I took  the picture out my closed window. I don’t want to go out and play. Eventually I will clear off my car and head to the gym.

I had trouble getting to sleep again last night. I will keep plugging away at changing my schedule. I feel like it is still morning. I have less than two hours of daylight left. Daylight feels better when the ground does not have 14″ of snow. I have mud and melted snow to clean up in my entrance. I am going to try putting antibacterial wipes on my swiffer. I am not too handy with the mop since my stroke. I have been using the swiffer wet for my regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning. The entry way needs some heavy duty scrubbing. If that does not work I could tie rags to the bottom of my shoes.


Lake Effect Snow

These three words put together has mostly bad memories for me. I used to spend hours shoveling my car out, get stuck anyway, then drive white knuckled to work. After work, I would slug through the snow, spend an hour clearing the car off again. I would drive white knuckled back home, only to find out I can not make it in my driveway. It gets tiring and wears away at your soul. It drives millions of people to Florida. Now, I just hope my roof holds up until spring. I hope it all does not melt all at once during the next thaw. I hope it is the last band this winter.

I don’t really have to be anywhere tomorrow. I have a package to mail out. I can catch the mailman if I don’t make it out of my driveway. I want to go back to Planet Fitness, to keep up my workouts. They should have the roads clear by afternoon, if not they will be done by evening. I want to take my dog for another run, but it is already too deep. She hates snow too. So it would be cruel to make her run in it. I just need my son to clear off the porch, and a path to the car, and the driveway. I might be home bound a few days.IMG_3168

Going to sleep early failed 2x already

IMG_4650I will keep trying to alter my sleep pattern to a more normal time. I went to sleep two nights in a row at 10:30PM. I tossed and turned, and who knows when I actually fell asleep. The first night, I know it was well after 12AM because I got up to get some water. I woke up just before daylight today. It seemed cold, my mind was still foggy, so I went back to sleep. I am further behind today then when I stay up until 2AM. I will keep at it before I give up.

I joined Planet Fitness. Sadly I joined online and have not been there yet. I am looking forward to the hydro massage, and I am not sure what that even is. I am glad I can take my son as a guest. He has been into weight lifting at school recently. I hope he continues if he likes it. Anything physical and not video related that he does I try to encourage. He was not into going this afternoon, and with me having lunch super late I did not want to go on an empty stomach. It closes in a little more than one hour, so I have another excuse. I will set my alarm and go tomorrow. I can always come home and sleep the rest of the day.

Since my body is in dragging mode, I will try to get more items listed on ebay. I have over 90 now, but only a few are selling. My camera needs to be reset, it reads 2005 and it mixes my pictures out of order. One more headache to make listing on ebay make my eyeballs feel like they will pop out.

I saw the scraggly cat today

IMG_4652He was looking pouffier, not as matted. He is either sitting on his tail, or it is on the other side. Sorry about the horrible picture. This is two houses down, and I took it out my kitchen window (that could be dirty), plus it is super zoomed so less resolution. He was sitting outside that door for an hour. I wanted to walk over and knock on the door and ask if it was their cat. It was so cold out. There was a paper plate on the porch, so I am assuming it is a stray. I have seen them take food on plates out to the woods behind us. My Ashley would probably not like a feline friend. Her vet bill is straining me now, so I can not have a cat too.


Still Thursday

IMG_4107It is still January. It is flippin’ cold. It is only 10:25 PM and I am going to sleep early for the first time in forever.  I have things to do tomorrow. I kind of want to go to the auction, but most likely I won’t. I have so many things I have not even listed on ebay yet. If I wake up early enough I might have enough daylight time to take more pictures.

My dog, Ash has had steroid shots. She has food allergies, so she can only eat her hypoallergenic food for a month. Between not having treats, and the steroids making her hungry, I think she will eat me alive. She has been amped up aggressive. I hope to take her for a run tomorrow too. She will need to work off the extra food she has been eating.

My son came home from school depressed again. He blames it on not having a girlfriend. He saw on facebook that most people marry their middle school to high school sweetheart. I tried to tell him that is not true. It does not matter to him, he thinks he is doomed to perpetual singlehood. I guess he can’t see what a great time I am having single. He then fell asleep for a few hours. Being a single sleepy dork is our family trait. Just kidding family members reading this. To everyone else, HELP!