Dreaming of Gingerbread

IMG_4382I make awesome cut out cookies. I did not make any this holiday. My kitchen is not set up for efficient cookie production. Maybe next year. My daughter and I did throw together two gingerbread house kits. We used the intended base to make what we called mansion sidewalls. We used only the candy that came supplied. It would have looked super awesome with more candy details. It would be even better to have cookies to nibble on. I might make gingerbread hearts cookies for Valentine’s Day. My younger son does not get into baking,  I try. It might be because he is not into eating either.

So far today, I made it to the post office. I shoveled the cement part of my front porch and informed my son he needs to shovel off the wood deck  part. We unplugged the Christmas lights, unceremoniously, but the holidays are over. It is 2013, let’s get this party started.

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