Suck a Duck

IMG_4433This is not really a duck, but a gander I think it was called. Either in the Asian or Aztec part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It looked like something you would smoke out of, that is why I thought of suck a duck.

I am starting to hate reading peoples statuses on facebook. They clean their house, go on a fabulous trip, and have a party at their house all the same day. I am thinking while I am reading, I might have time to take a shower today.

My short term memory loss is really bothering me. I made a list out for the store. Top of the list had baking soda, I need really bad to do my laundry. It gets out my dogs scent and my peed pants smell (happens a few times a week since my stroke). Well, I forgot my list and forgot to pick up the baking soda. I did remember most everything else. I need to go vacuum my car out, if it is nice enough tomorrow anyhow.