I took a short walk today

IMG_4556It is going to get up to 50 degrees this week. I kind of love it, but I hope the snow does not melt too fast and flood my house. It was cold today, barely making it over 32. I had a thin mitten on my hand holding the cane. My thumb froze for some reason. My driveway is getting slick from slight thaw and refreezing over and over. When I made it onto the road I almost came back. I saw an animal walking towards me. I thought it was a racoon at first. It was just the straggliest cat I had ever seen. I immediately felt so sorry for it. It must live out in the woods or something. Its tail looked like it was broken in a few places and its long fluffy fur was wildly matted. It made a jaunt around the back of a house a few down from mine. I have seen a lady down there feed cats in her back yard during the summer. I might knock on her door tomorrow to see if it is her cat, or ask if she is feeding strays. My dog is not friendly with other animals, and I can not afford more vet bills. I still just wanted this cat to be in a warm house wrapped in a blanket and fed. I might also try to get a picture of it tomorrow too. My other neighbor is supposedly missing one of her cats for months. She lets hers wander outside, so it could have been roadkill long ago.

Anyway, my walk was very short, because of my freezing hand. I hope to drive myself to the lake tomorrow and walk around there. I will wear thicker gloves and bring my camera. I need to get walking again. My left arm looked swollen this morning, my face feels puffy, and my chest has not been feeling right either. One of these days I will remember to call my doctor back to see if they got my mammogram transferred. I also need to see if they can send me back to physical therapy.


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