Melt baby melt

IMG_4592I could not find a safe place to walk today. I was fooled by the sun that more would be melted. It is supposed to get into the 50s this weekend.  I need to find a fun indoor activity that is cheap and safe to workout. I almost did not make it past my front door. My porch roof drips onto the edge of my deck, creating an icy hill that the ice melt slides off of. It was too slick for me to try to leap over. It is also risky with only one sturdy ankle to rely on. I did make it a few hours and half a bottle of ice melt later. I hope it warms up just a bit more tomorrow. If I can get into the shed to get out the heavy metal sharp shovel, it should stay clear until the next snowfall. In my dreams that would be next winter.

I caught one more mouse. I also had a bat flying around in my house today. It has been so much fun. No stress here.