I Finally Got A Real Walk In

IMG_4591It was not very warm, but my hand did not freeze. My driveway is a mini glacier, but I made it along the squishy edge. The roads around here were all clear and dry. The sun was shining, it was not as windy as they predicted. It might be windy now. It could just be a train or rain, or all three. I believe it is wind.

I am still having trouble in following through on things I want done. My Ashley will be back in a few days. I miss her a lot, but her nose will be up my butt. I will use her as an excuse on why things are not done. The only excuse now is my lack of memory and sense of time, and my anxiety. I can only work on my anxiety. I worked on that by watching a movie, Cemetary Junction. Very fitting message for me. “I need to throw my heart out, then run to catch it.”


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