I lash, eyelash, Irish


In the lazy mood still. I watched another movie on netflix. It was “Jeff, Who Lives At Home”, or something like that with Susan Sarandon. I used to think I looked like her. It might have just been wishful thinking. The movie was kind of a bad quality fuzzy filming. It was an interesting story though. Jeff refers to the movie, “Signs”with Mel Gibson. He is searching for signs to guide him to what he should do as he lives in his Mom’s basement. It was part funny, part really deep. I need to watch Signs again, I am sure I saw it long ago, but I can’t remember.

One year ago today, I was stuck living in my Mom’s house (because of my stroke). With a strong determination to get out of there, the rural mountains, with out a clear sign of where I would end up. Here I am with my own little cottage on 1/4 acre in a school district that my son seems to be doing OK in. I believe in signs, I usually look for them. I think that determination is the stronger player, and beats signs hands down. I am working on catching some more determination. Mostly for dieting and exercising, and sleeping normal. I am in a bad vicious, negative cycle on all three counts.

Thirty one years ago tonight, I was in labor. There was a raging ice storm outside. I made it to the hospital in plenty of time to have my oldest son/first child at 6:36 AM, January 11. It was my Mother’s birthday and her first grandchild. I guess that is some sort of sign. What I don’t know. My son thinks that having a shared birthday with her is special. I think all birthdays are special. Referring back to the “Jeff” movie, “Today is the most special day of all”.

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