I did not do it

IMG_4602I never punched anyone in the eye. I don’t have the strength, or good aim. Violence is not my game.

I ended up taking two walks today. A short one around the block with my daughter. I took another short one in the woods, letting my dog run free. I walked as fast as I could. Most of the snow finally melted from the trail in the woods. Just a day or two ago it was still snow covered. Walking is not enough exercise for me. I hope to join a gym tomorrow. I sat and watched the biggest loser tonight. I sat and ate frosting out of a can while I watched. It was chocolate and delicious. My arteries are screaming. They know I am killing them. I hope to reverse my non-violent, yet still destructive habits. Tomorrow back to more veggies, less bread and junk food. I was into grabbing just a few salty chips here and there. I can’t stop at a few. I bought myself the single size fritos. That is still too much for me. My good food gets pushed aside for an easy fix. I might as well be shooting up heroine. My veins ache from the sodium. My heart and chest feel heavy. My stomach feels as big as ever. I think when I weigh myself tomorrow, it will be back to almost to the same weight as just before my stroke. It has to stop, one way or another.

I watched “The Secret” for the first time ever. I thought it was religious, hence I never was interested before. I really believe in having a vision, positive thinking, and hopefully abundance will follow. I am trying to revisit my Pinterest board to visualize all I want. Pinterest does not have everything, so I will have to write my goals down. I will then have to read them everyday. Goals that are hard for me to visualize, yet I should be able to are all physical fitness, health related, or psychological.

1) Take a Walk everyday, even if just around the neighborhood or through the casino in terrible weather.

2) Work out at the gym at least 3 times per week.  I need to sign up tomorrow. 1/15/13

3) Plan a random act of kindness, look up ones that do not cost  $$.

4) Look at my Pinterest pins more often, instead of just pinning new ones. Try to do something creative at least once per week.

5) Get a life! Talk to real people, do something social at least once per week.

6) put meaningful/actual facebook updates, not just sharing cartoons, dog and environmental updates and Grumpy Cat

7) Plan my summer road trip, or plan 7 day trips from home, in a row