Still Thursday

IMG_4107It is still January. It is flippin’ cold. It is only 10:25 PM and I am going to sleep early for the first time in forever.  I have things to do tomorrow. I kind of want to go to the auction, but most likely I won’t. I have so many things I have not even listed on ebay yet. If I wake up early enough I might have enough daylight time to take more pictures.

My dog, Ash has had steroid shots. She has food allergies, so she can only eat her hypoallergenic food for a month. Between not having treats, and the steroids making her hungry, I think she will eat me alive. She has been amped up aggressive. I hope to take her for a run tomorrow too. She will need to work off the extra food she has been eating.

My son came home from school depressed again. He blames it on not having a girlfriend. He saw on facebook that most people marry their middle school to high school sweetheart. I tried to tell him that is not true. It does not matter to him, he thinks he is doomed to perpetual singlehood. I guess he can’t see what a great time I am having single. He then fell asleep for a few hours. Being a single sleepy dork is our family trait. Just kidding family members reading this. To everyone else, HELP!


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