Going to sleep early failed 2x already

IMG_4650I will keep trying to alter my sleep pattern to a more normal time. I went to sleep two nights in a row at 10:30PM. I tossed and turned, and who knows when I actually fell asleep. The first night, I know it was well after 12AM because I got up to get some water. I woke up just before daylight today. It seemed cold, my mind was still foggy, so I went back to sleep. I am further behind today then when I stay up until 2AM. I will keep at it before I give up.

I joined Planet Fitness. Sadly I joined online and have not been there yet. I am looking forward to the hydro massage, and I am not sure what that even is. I am glad I can take my son as a guest. He has been into weight lifting at school recently. I hope he continues if he likes it. Anything physical and not video related that he does I try to encourage. He was not into going this afternoon, and with me having lunch super late I did not want to go on an empty stomach. It closes in a little more than one hour, so I have another excuse. I will set my alarm and go tomorrow. I can always come home and sleep the rest of the day.

Since my body is in dragging mode, I will try to get more items listed on ebay. I have over 90 now, but only a few are selling. My camera needs to be reset, it reads 2005 and it mixes my pictures out of order. One more headache to make listing on ebay make my eyeballs feel like they will pop out.

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