Lake Effect Snow

These three words put together has mostly bad memories for me. I used to spend hours shoveling my car out, get stuck anyway, then drive white knuckled to work. After work, I would slug through the snow, spend an hour clearing the car off again. I would drive white knuckled back home, only to find out I can not make it in my driveway. It gets tiring and wears away at your soul. It drives millions of people to Florida. Now, I just hope my roof holds up until spring. I hope it all does not melt all at once during the next thaw. I hope it is the last band this winter.

I don’t really have to be anywhere tomorrow. I have a package to mail out. I can catch the mailman if I don’t make it out of my driveway. I want to go back to Planet Fitness, to keep up my workouts. They should have the roads clear by afternoon, if not they will be done by evening. I want to take my dog for another run, but it is already too deep. She hates snow too. So it would be cruel to make her run in it. I just need my son to clear off the porch, and a path to the car, and the driveway. I might be home bound a few days.IMG_3168

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