My purple mailbox

IMG_4728Standing proud, contrasted in abundant white, not ready to be used, but there is no mail service today. Please ignore the hideous 4 x 4 in the foreground. That was some weird contraption here when I moved in. It holds a tiny water meter. I hope to add plants, signs and art to camouflage it in the spring. The background is my neighbors houses, because I took ┬áthe picture out my closed window. I don’t want to go out and play. Eventually I will clear off my car and head to the gym.

I had trouble getting to sleep again last night. I will keep plugging away at changing my schedule. I feel like it is still morning. I have less than two hours of daylight left. Daylight feels better when the ground does not have 14″ of snow. I have mud and melted snow to clean up in my entrance. I am going to try putting antibacterial wipes on my swiffer. I am not too handy with the mop since my stroke. I have been using the swiffer wet for my regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning. The entry way needs some heavy duty scrubbing. If that does not work I could tie rags to the bottom of my shoes.