My purple mailbox

IMG_4728Standing proud, contrasted in abundant white, not ready to be used, but there is no mail service today. Please ignore the hideous 4 x 4 in the foreground. That was some weird contraption here when I moved in. It holds a tiny water meter. I hope to add plants, signs and art to camouflage it in the spring. The background is my neighbors houses, because I took  the picture out my closed window. I don’t want to go out and play. Eventually I will clear off my car and head to the gym.

I had trouble getting to sleep again last night. I will keep plugging away at changing my schedule. I feel like it is still morning. I have less than two hours of daylight left. Daylight feels better when the ground does not have 14″ of snow. I have mud and melted snow to clean up in my entrance. I am going to try putting antibacterial wipes on my swiffer. I am not too handy with the mop since my stroke. I have been using the swiffer wet for my regular kitchen and bathroom cleaning. The entry way needs some heavy duty scrubbing. If that does not work I could tie rags to the bottom of my shoes.


2 thoughts on “My purple mailbox

  1. You can always attach rags to the bottom of your swiffer as well. Probably safer than putting them on the bottom of your shoes. No need to test whether or not you can do a split. Either wet the swiffer rag first or squirt/throw liquid and cleaning product on the floor first and use it to sop it all up. I did it when I ran out of the expensive fancy cleaning pads.

    • I can always split once. Getting back up and healing is the hard part. Seriously, the wipes kinda worked enough to now use rags. I did not want the rags to get too dirty that I had to throw them out. I am not buying the expensive swiffer pads again. I also don’t have space in the winter to hang out rags to dry, and I am not putting them in my drier. On closer inspection, it was dirty dog prints more than boot prints. I should train her to stand still while I wipe her paws off. That is hard right now with no treats for her to perform for.

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