I want cold to mean 50, not -5

IMG_3758It was sooo cold the last few nights, my pipes to the kitchen froze again. I have so much to correct before next winter season. I need to make it through this one first. In my dreams I would add on a small room with a masonry fireplace or old wood cookstove with lots of heat retaining floors and walls. I would also build a lean to green house on the back of the house. Both those seem out of reach for now, so I will keep it real with a working furnace and better insulation and heat tape for the pipes. There is no crawl space or basement here, not ideal for Arctic living.

I did not go to planet fitness yesterday or today. It is OK, I will be back on track tomorrow. It should warm up to 20. Even if it snows an inch or two, it will seem like a minor inconvenience. How did anyone survive below zero temps before the industrial age? I feel the answer is a combination of traveling south and hibernation. It is on my plans for the future. Soon as my son graduates from high school, I will become a snowbird.