Farm Fresh, Rusty Gold

IMG_4453I am waiting for the above freezing temps that the weatherman predicted. I can’t complain, for the first time all week my internet is not super-slow and all my pipes are unfrozen. I can do dishes and shower with both hot and cold. My shower has been working with just hot water, so that took awhile to get used to scalding myself clean. There does not seem to be any air sputtering or pressure loss. I hope that means no pipes need repair.

They still have a wintry advisory until tomorrow morning. I am still going to go work out today. It is not lake effect, on the radar it looks like the worst is past. They did cancel all after school activities, that is rare.

I think working with the weight machines has helped my left “bad” arm and hand already. It has only been one week. I did stumble walking out of the massage room yesterday. My left leg seized up for some reason. I got the “what is wrong with you” stare. I ignored it, I am anti-social that way. I am not going to wear a shirt explaining my condition, even though I think the people that stare want to ask. They should make stroke cause and affect t-shirts, but some people would not understand unless it happens to them.

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