Update of Excuses

IMG_4409Number one reason I have not gone to the gym in the last two days, I spent my gas allowance and then some. I even siphoned money from my Ebay sales, that was to go to home repairs. The grocery store and gas station are my budget busters. I really have not accomplished more at home by not going, except more sleeping. I also spent most of my awake time relisting everything that has not sold on ebay. Tomorrow I will try to get some more of my postcards listed. I will also need to do laundry. I have not done any yesterday or today. When my yard floods, I am scared my septic will flood too. It has not yet, but it needs a professional to reassure me it is ok. I don’t even know where the drain lines are. I must find that out before I throw my garden too close or even on top of it.

So tomorrows plans are to lay low, clean, list, maybe plant some seeds. Friday I am playing taxi, then going with my daughter to the auction. I have also tried to blog more, but I have excuses for that too. My internet service has been much slower than usual. It even was out for awhile here and there. I did not take any new pictures. I like to keep my pictures ones of my own, and for some reason do not like to blog with out pictures. My pictures usually have nothing to do with my blog. That is how my mind works. It never is keeping on task. I am back to having  sleepless nights again. Yesterday I was up to after 3:30AM. Tonight feels like the same, but I hope not. I have not watched any netflix in days. I have not done much pinterest at all. I sometimes feel like I will go insane from being restless. I can’t clean or bake without waking up my son. The dog also hates me to vacuum.

To keep myself occupied unproductively, I will now look at the weather forecast. I can hear the rain outside. The lawn was already in river and lake status, the snow 99 percent gone. I will check one more time, just to hope this is the last of the rain.

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