Another Muddy Day

IMG_5310I know that is a bad picture, but it is what it is. These are really small mushrooms or toad stools, I don’t know the difference. I don’t like the texture or earthy taste of mushrooms so I don’t eat them. If I was starving, I would forage for them (with my luck I would use a guidebook). These are in my inside houseplants! I can’t remember if I added compost to these, or if it is straight up the miracle grow dirt.

Outside, I am usually happy to see the snow melt, but not now. My utility room flooded again. That means major work this summer. I was surprised it was not flooded the other day when I had a lake in my front yard. I guess it just is the grade of the land, and maybe it was blocked by ice before. It should stop raining and get cold enough to freeze up again this weekend. It is so muddy still, I had to wear my boots to the car. It took awhile to get my slippers on. Yes, I wear slippers instead of shoes. I live for comfort, and if people think it is because I am lazy, I don’t care. It is a frugal thing, comfy slippers $10, comfy sneaks $50 (on sale). I have also worn my pj bottoms in public, but I don’t always do that on purpose. Sometimes things just happen or I feel the need to have lightweight cotton soothing the skin on my legs. It makes up for having to drag my heavy boots through the mud. The mud is covering the inside and outside of my car. I hope I make enough to have it detailed this month. I also need to get a cover on the back seat. The dog goes in one door and out the other in the car. She does not stop and wipe her paws first. If I can’t make my driveway closer, I am going to install giant stepping stones and maybe a handrail for me.

I went through my recycle box and picked out some containers to start my seeds. I moved a few houseplants, that is how I noticed the mushrooms. I saw one or two before, but now it is an epidemic. I am going to try to keep track of my garden progress here. My next step is to put holes in the bottom of my “pots”. I have pudding cups, an egg carton, a Burger King milkshake cup, and trays from a salad container, and frosting containers make perfect pots with the lid as a tray. I also have two 2 liter soda bottles I will try to grow carrots in. I tried the toilet paper tube thing last year, and did not like it. They got too mushy and fell apart before I had a garden. Of course I never had  a garden last year. This year I have a few containers and the start of a raised bed. I also have the pieces of dead tree to start a hugelkultur plot. I guess when I dig my drainage away from my house,I can use that dirt on the pile. It won’t be perfect, but I am sure the mice and moles will like it. It is all just plans now, and plans look better in my head.

Tomorrow, I make a few dollars taking a “disabled” man shopping. I will do some of my shopping, and stop by a few thrift stores. I am not going to the auction this week. I already have too many items yet to list. I also don’t see anything online that I want at the auction this week. Lots of coins and guns again. Boring. Saturday, I am going to my first Meetup ever. I am just going to watch the movie, Identity Theft. I plan to go to at least one meetup per week. So far, I signed up for two this month. It is three different groups I am a member of, one a book club. The book club is only once per month, and I did not get my butt to the library until today. They were out of the book, so I won’t make it this month. (meeting is Monday) I ordered the book anyway, plus the one for next month. I also did not  make it to planet fitness today. I think the trick to that will be going at 11 AM. I am sure I said that a few times before. I will go, or die of a heart attack. I am also going to try the cardio before the weight machines.

It is almost March

IMG_5235It was a rough start this morning. My son’s school was delayed ONE hour. I had checked online when I woke up. It said TWO hour delay, I set my alarm for two hours later and told my son to go back asleep. He said no, he wanted to stay up. Well somewhere between then and an hour later he turned on the TV. I remember him coming in to wake me up to tell me the TV was scrolling a one hour delay. I remember saying I will check. Yeah, in my dreams, it seems I fell asleep. Next thing I know my son is saying Mom the bus just left. I started to gain more mental function. He was all ready to go. He is not old enough to drive, so I gave him my keys to warm the car up. It takes me awhile to get myself together. I looked in the rearview mirror, I looked like I was in a fight. Like a crow had tried to pull out my hair. I commented to my son, it really does not matter what I look like. I just needed to drive. I am mechanical, not caring, just trying to get everything done. I realize that I do that too often lately. It is easier to let myself go, as long as something else gets done in its place. It just brings me down, thinking how much less I get done post stroke. Plus, I look like a pathetic mess.

Listening to the Sleet Beat Against My Window

It is a cool sound, but scary. I don’t want to lose power. I am all electric heat for now, without any backup. No generator, no wood stove, just a pile of wood outside too wet to burn anyway. Like everything else, next winter season, I hope to be better prepared. I have my car, that should run for a few hours if it gets too cold. IMG_5126

I am back to my late night schedule with my morning nap. I tried to fight against it, but I guess I am part Vampire (but I hate the taste of blood). I am more like a werewolf, with the onslaught of hairy growth everywhere.  Tomorrow, after I work out finally (back to the gym) I hope to spend some time at the library. It will be a different one than the small town “unique” one we went to last summer. I hope the sleet will be done and melted before everyone hits the road tomorrow.

371 (# of posts)

IMG_5192Well Moo and take a hike. I long for days when I don’t have to wear the heavy boots to trudge through the mud. I took the dog for a walk in the woods. It was still snowy there. I then took a ride to the next town over to stop at the store. I was so jealous, most of their snow was gone. I wish it was easier to change from my boots to shoes in the car. But it is not, I tried the other day. It took 5-10 minutes of frustration. I could not get my leg at the correct angle to put my paralyzed foot into my slip on shoe. I finally managed, but I had to do it all over when I got home. My pathway (which should be a raised “bridge” sidewalk) is just a muddy mess. I keep vowing it will be different next year.

I keep overtaxing my good arm. It pains me to drive.  It pains me to carry stuff. It is a real pain to push the shopping cart around. For a second at the store, I thought of    plowing over the table they had in the middle of the aisle. It would have been sweet, it was full of cholesterol laden, probably high sodium too, baked goods. I am done with my rant (at least until post # 372)


Docie Doe

IMG_5181I think they spelled it wrong, but maybe it was a play on their real name. I don’t like country music, at all. I think the vintage square dancing outfits are cute. They are kind of like the German girl beer servers or Irish Clogging dresses with different colors. You can tell I have no idea what I am talking about, and I don’t. I took some horrible pictures, and more than half are missing. I have been trying to recharge my camera batteries. Somehow both sets are not charged. So much for spares, and no daylight left to take more pictures. Oh Mr. Sun I miss you. I seriously need to wake up with the sun. I keep trying, and I end up falling asleep again. I went through my account and relisted everything that had ended on Ebay. I now have over 100 items. I have hundreds more, and it won’t get done today.

The boy needs to get back onto school schedule. He stayed up until after 1AM last night. I kicked him off the computer. I was too tired to hear the incredibly dumb stuff he watches on YouTube. It is not porn, as my daughter keeps warning he will try sneaking to watch. He watches badly filmed nerf gun videos, and videos of screen shots of video games. It did not snow enough to kick him outside to play. I will try to remember the serenity while he is in school and try to stay awake to enjoy it. I am also trying to drill it into his head he needs to work to make money to buy things. He admitted to me today he is the laziest person around. I am glad he at least realizes that. I hope to have the next weeklong break planned out so he has outdoor/out of the house activities to do everyday.

Casual Chicks on the Weekend

IMG_5084Me and Ash, just lounging around. At least Ash is lounging, I always have things to do. I took her shopping today. She waited patiently while I got her a new pooper scooper. Actually she could care less what I bought, she justs waits in the driver seat until I come back. We waited for my son to shop in Toys-R-Us. I had nothing I wanted to look at there, and I can’t wait patiently in the store while my son muses over the 12 choices of what he might be able to get with the money burning a hole in his pocket. He comes out so much later, but Ash waited shotgun, me with my eyes at the door. (so no pervert could try to steal my 13 year old) It was kind of nice out, not yet too dark from sunset. What made my day was a young kid coming out with his Mom and sister. He looked up at the sky and yelled, hey it looks like the deep end. He then asked his sister if the color of the sky looks just like the deep end of the pool. He had excitement in his voice. It was so nice to hear a human appreciate nature over cheap plastic toys. My son either from being a jaded 13 or high on the nerf isle did not say anything other than they did not have a wide enough assortment in the store.

Awake for a Break from Dreaming

IMG_5077I will call my dreams borderline nightmares. They were not too scary, but not nice enough to call dreamy. I dreamed I saw someone walking outside my house, in the dark. I then tried to make sure my door was locked, and I could not close it. It was like rubber in a cartoon. Then I was walking through a big marble mansion, like I lived there. Walking toward the garage area, but my car was parked out in the snow. I had a little sports car, it looked European, and definitely not a color I would choose of beige. After driving, I was sliding down snowy icy steps on my feet. Very fast, but I did not fall. I left out some parts, but that was the gist of it. I woke up and got a glass of water. I checked my door, it was shut, but not locked. I don’t have much fear of leaving it unlocked, and have left it unlocked sometimes.  Since I had the dream tonight would be a good night to lock it.

I took the dog for a run today. She did not run much. There was fresh dog prints for her to smell, so at least her brain got a workout. For the first time in days, I have enough space in bed to stretch out. She has been so sleepy and stubborn to move lately. (She falls asleep hours before me)

Poor Tax of $15, I wish

IMG_4902I love how The Monopoly Game did not raise their prices to adjust for inflation. I would gladly pay just $15 for tax, or buy a property for $300.

On an Ebay forum was a women trying to quickly sell some artwork she made to save her house. She only has two weeks. I believe she is going to need a miracle. I pinned a couple of her prints to my Pinterest, but I doubt that will help her sales grow. I am doing everything I can to keep myself together, with my looming big projects that need to get done this year. Maybe that is something I can help people with in the future, how to avoid tragic financial pitfalls. I can hear some people laughing as they read that last statement. Hey, I can’t get much lower. I am slow getting upstairs, but I can pull myself out of quicksand. I am still keeping the idea behind “The Secret” in most stuff I do. My (old)printer works, just needed a new power strip. Everything else worked in the powerstrip, the printer was tired of that I guess.

One force I can not change on my own is the weather. I need everyone’s help. Everybody think at the same time, “Please no more Winter weather, Please”

What is it about Angels?

IMG_5132I have never actually have seen an angel, at least not like one in illustrations. I have seen UFO’s, maybe they are angels. I guess I like them because they have wings, and usually flowing fancy dresses. I like Pegasus too, it is the wings. Having had epilepsy when I was a child, I am not a big fan of bells. If the sound of a bell can strike someone down, can it give someone else wings?

I have had several Angel dreams, that would be illustrations of Angels, one being on a card. I had a strong sense of success, while dreaming of the Angel card. That was a long time ago, and to this day, I remember that few seconds of dream. This post card is not even close to the card in my dreams, but it makes me think of it. Only because it is a card with an angel it gives me hope that one day I will be successful. I have no idea what I will be successful at. That never came to me in a dream, or real life, or from the UFOs.

I am off Chasing White Rabbits

IMG_5098No, I am not doing drugs. I am looking for the path, trying not to be late. I have been doubting that I have any  positive energy. It kind of smacks me in the face when my printer is fried.  I have been trying since I watched “The Secret” to put on my fake smile and look at the positives. It works as long as it does not apply to my bank account. Yeah, I will be happy to get a printer that works. Mine has had it ups and downs for what seems like over 10 years. Since my son printed out multiple copies of blues clues in color when he was a toddler, then pounded on the controls when the paper was out and he could not understand why it stopped printing it has been mostly down. I replaced the black cartridge a short while back. The color cartridge decided to fall out and take a piece of the plastic holding it in with it. I just shrugged, I won’t be printing in color anyway. Now, it has no electrical connection, no light, no worky. I will choose to plaster on a fake smile after swearing, I choose my own destiny. I can’t stand wearing a fake smile, it does not make me feel good inside. Smashing the printer would feel good, but will it solve my problem? I can not drink, so I am going to make myself an ice tea (yes, caffeine is my drug) find a screwdriver, and waste the rest of my day dismantling plastic and circuits to see where the problem is.