I am sore and tired

IMG_3735I drove through a snow storm to the auction and back. I did get some interesting things to sell and keep. My daughter was over for the weekend with a rental van. I now have a new to me full size bed. I don’t have to hang off the edge of my twin size bed anymore, while Ashley enjoys her snooze time. She is really loving the bigger bed too. She is sprawled out with a smile on her face, sleeping soundly. I toss in turn, my muscles hurting from getting in and out of the van. I also helped hold the wine crates that are now my head board, while my daughter screwed them to the wall. We went shopping at thrift stores and antique malls most of Saturday. I bought a vintage 60’s dresser to be my new entertainment center for the living room. It has all my sons games, and the few movies we own. I also have space for my kitchen overflow. I have been suffering with a stack of pots and pans on my stove I shuffle around when I need to cook. I also stored my waffle iron and a platter on my counter because they did not fit in my few cupboards. A little breathing room is good. I am just so happy not to look at heaps of wires and controllers and open games spilling off the old tv stand. I still need to paint it, it is now an vintage shade of blonde with a greenish hue. I am deciding on either pink or some shape of purple. Almost everything else will be blue, so I think it will end up pink. It won’t be done anytime soon. I am the queen of unfinished projects. I still have pictures to hang, window coverings that need to be fixed, and walls to finish painting.

At the auction I obtained more postcards, a few hundred more. I still have not listed some of my other postcards yet. I need to step up my listing pace. I bought a box of tins, so I could keep some. My son went to his first ever auction and bought a box with a hardhat. He wants to go back again. I bought an old erector set, that I might sell some pieces individually, then sell the metal case and other pieces. I also found some vintage penthouse forum mags, fun stuff. I bought a whole box of patterns at the thrift store for $1. They were vintage, so I can’t wait to list those.

I have been so busy, I did not make it to Planet Fitness. I am going to try to make it there today. I need to make my sore muscles more sore. I need to work out my abs and give my arms and shoulders a rest. I will keep working out my arms, just not straining them so I will be able to sleep.

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