Posting Until My Eyeballs Burn Out

IMG_4457I did not bake anything today, but it has not been too stormy out. I had more snow in that previous mailbox picture than we have now. That is with a few inches already on the ground. I went out this afternoon to get the real queen her hypoallergenic $100 a bag food. I did not have to clear off my car. My son stayed home from school sick, school was not cancelled. He has a touch of bronchitis, which he always seems to get. He must be sick, he went to bed early without me suggesting it, on a weekend.

I have been trying to list my millions of items of junk for sale. I need to ramp up the profits to pay for all my repair woes of late. I suppose the next electric bill will be off the charts as well. I sold only three items so far this month, about 1/5 of the dollar amount I made the first week of Oct., Nov., or Dec. and lower than last month too. Last month tanked, and this month so far is much worse. I won’t give up my hope that better things will happen.

I received a helpful email from someone who identified my pulley gadget  I have had listed. He said it was a barbed wire stretcher, for putting up or repairing fence. I guess I won’t need it. I like my barbed wire un-stretched. That is the picture of part of the rusty contraption. I really did not buy this, it came inside the wagon I bought at the auction. I might as well make a few bucks on it. It takes me hours to take pictures, list, pack, send, so in other words I am worth about 50 cents per hour. I only need to work 10 hours to buy a quart of juice.

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