My Understanding of Language

Words are for communicating……full words, spell ¬†them out, listen to their unique sounds! Don’t waste the 1000s of years we have developed our human language.

Acronyms are for limiting your language, for saying something when you don’t want to bother saying the whole word or phrase, that you are too lazy to enunciate, for assuming everyone is in on the acronyms (especially medical terms).

I actually did not know what OT/PT stood for until after I had my stroke, I heard it spoken many times, usually in a conversation about a child with alternate needs in school. I graduated with a BS (Bachelor of Science) in Elementary Education, this was discussed in one of my classes, I did not have a clue to what they really meant.

I have read 100s if not 1,000s of books without acronyms in them. So WTF do I need them now for… the Universe, please make this trend of turning every noun, verb and phrase into a acronym….I had a CVA (cerebral vascular event), if I had trouble before my short term memory loss how the pluck will I ever learn acronymese now.


you can look up the meaning here

End of my rant posting, it just seems like the last 24 hours I encountered more unknown to me acronyms than I have in years.

To change the subject. This picture is called Heat Loss. I need a new roof and better insulation, I knew that. I just never encountered a stalagmite type icicle supporting my roof from the ground up.