My State Tax Dollars Wasting Away

IMG_5079This building is at the NY State Park where I take my dog to run. Same building as yesterdays post. It has no lock on it. I want to look inside to see if it is in use, but I don’t know if I could move these big doors. I also don’t know if they lease it out, so I won’t look. I hardly see anyone here, at the forested part I take my dog, or at the beach itself. In the summer, the campground is full. Other than that, no one except me it seems, walks the trails, explores, bikes, takes nature field trips (like school groups or scouts), or even cares if it is here. There is the occasional red neck hunter, the occasional horse brought in on horse trailer, people that need to pull there car off road to party or pee. I guess if it is not Disneyland it is not fun or worth most peoples time. I just hope that the parks stay parks even if no one else visits them.