I am off Chasing White Rabbits

IMG_5098No, I am not doing drugs. I am looking for the path, trying not to be late. I have been doubting that I have any  positive energy. It kind of smacks me in the face when my printer is fried.  I have been trying since I watched “The Secret” to put on my fake smile and look at the positives. It works as long as it does not apply to my bank account. Yeah, I will be happy to get a printer that works. Mine has had it ups and downs for what seems like over 10 years. Since my son printed out multiple copies of blues clues in color when he was a toddler, then pounded on the controls when the paper was out and he could not understand why it stopped printing it has been mostly down. I replaced the black cartridge a short while back. The color cartridge decided to fall out and take a piece of the plastic holding it in with it. I just shrugged, I won’t be printing in color anyway. Now, it has no electrical connection, no light, no worky. I will choose to plaster on a fake smile after swearing, I choose my own destiny. I can’t stand wearing a fake smile, it does not make me feel good inside. Smashing the printer would feel good, but will it solve my problem? I can not drink, so I am going to make myself an ice tea (yes, caffeine is my drug) find a screwdriver, and waste the rest of my day dismantling plastic and circuits to see where the problem is.