Poor Tax of $15, I wish

IMG_4902I love how The Monopoly Game did not raise their prices to adjust for inflation. I would gladly pay just $15 for tax, or buy a property for $300.

On an Ebay forum was a women trying to quickly sell some artwork she made to save her house. She only has two weeks. I believe she is going to need a miracle. I pinned a couple of her prints to my Pinterest, but I doubt that will help her sales grow. I am doing everything I can to keep myself together, with my looming big projects that need to get done this year. Maybe that is something I can help people with in the future, how to avoid tragic financial pitfalls. I can hear some people laughing as they read that last statement. Hey, I can’t get much lower. I am slow getting upstairs, but I can pull myself out of quicksand. I am still keeping the idea behind “The Secret” in most stuff I do. My (old)printer works, just needed a new power strip. Everything else worked in the powerstrip, the printer was tired of that I guess.

One force I can not change on my own is the weather. I need everyone’s help. Everybody think at the same time, “Please no more Winter weather, Please”