Awake for a Break from Dreaming

IMG_5077I will call my dreams borderline nightmares. They were not too scary, but not nice enough to call dreamy. I dreamed I saw someone walking outside my house, in the dark. I then tried to make sure my door was locked, and I could not close it. It was like rubber in a cartoon. Then I was walking through a big marble mansion, like I lived there. Walking toward the garage area, but my car was parked out in the snow. I had a little sports car, it looked European, and definitely not a color I would choose of beige. After driving, I was sliding down snowy icy steps on my feet. Very fast, but I did not fall. I left out some parts, but that was the gist of it. I woke up and got a glass of water. I checked my door, it was shut, but not locked. I don’t have much fear of leaving it unlocked, and have left it unlocked sometimes.  Since I had the dream tonight would be a good night to lock it.

I took the dog for a run today. She did not run much. There was fresh dog prints for her to smell, so at least her brain got a workout. For the first time in days, I have enough space in bed to stretch out. She has been so sleepy and stubborn to move lately. (She falls asleep hours before me)

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