Casual Chicks on the Weekend

IMG_5084Me and Ash, just lounging around. At least Ash is lounging, I always have things to do. I took her shopping today. She waited patiently while I got her a new pooper scooper. Actually she could care less what I bought, she justs waits in the driver seat until I come back. We waited for my son to shop in Toys-R-Us. I had nothing I wanted to look at there, and I can’t wait patiently in the store while my son muses over the 12 choices of what he might be able to get with the money burning a hole in his pocket. He comes out so much later, but Ash waited shotgun, me with my eyes at the door. (so no pervert could try to steal my 13 year old) It was kind of nice out, not yet too dark from sunset. What made my day was a young kid coming out with his Mom and sister. He looked up at the sky and yelled, hey it looks like the deep end. He then asked his sister if the color of the sky looks just like the deep end of the pool. He had excitement in his voice. It was so nice to hear a human appreciate nature over cheap plastic toys. My son either from being a jaded 13 or high on the nerf isle did not say anything other than they did not have a wide enough assortment in the store.

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