Docie Doe

IMG_5181I think they spelled it wrong, but maybe it was a play on their real name. I don’t like country music, at all. I think the vintage square dancing outfits are cute. They are kind of like the German girl beer servers or Irish Clogging dresses with different colors. You can tell I have no idea what I am talking about, and I don’t. I took some horrible pictures, and more than half are missing. I have been trying to recharge my camera batteries. Somehow both sets are not charged. So much for spares, and no daylight left to take more pictures. Oh Mr. Sun I miss you. I seriously need to wake up with the sun. I keep trying, and I end up falling asleep again. I went through my account and relisted everything that had ended on Ebay. I now have over 100 items. I have hundreds more, and it won’t get done today.

The boy needs to get back onto school schedule. He stayed up until after 1AM last night. I kicked him off the computer. I was too tired to hear the incredibly dumb stuff he watches on YouTube. It is not porn, as my daughter keeps warning he will try sneaking to watch. He watches badly filmed nerf gun videos, and videos of screen shots of video games. It did not snow enough to kick him outside to play. I will try to remember the serenity while he is in school and try to stay awake to enjoy it. I am also trying to drill it into his head he needs to work to make money to buy things. He admitted to me today he is the laziest person around. I am glad he at least realizes that. I hope to have the next weeklong break planned out so he has outdoor/out of the house activities to do everyday.