371 (# of posts)

IMG_5192Well Moo and take a hike. I long for days when I don’t have to wear the heavy boots to trudge through the mud. I took the dog for a walk in the woods. It was still snowy there. I then took a ride to the next town over to stop at the store. I was so jealous, most of their snow was gone. I wish it was easier to change from my boots to shoes in the car. But it is not, I tried the other day. It took 5-10 minutes of frustration. I could not get my leg at the correct angle to put my paralyzed foot into my slip on shoe. I finally managed, but I had to do it all over when I got home. My pathway (which should be a raised “bridge” sidewalk) is just a muddy mess. I keep vowing it will be different next year.

I keep overtaxing my good arm. It pains me to drive.  It pains me to carry stuff. It is a real pain to push the shopping cart around. For a second at the store, I thought of    plowing over the table they had in the middle of the aisle. It would have been sweet, it was full of cholesterol laden, probably high sodium too, baked goods. I am done with my rant (at least until post # 372)