It is almost March

IMG_5235It was a rough start this morning. My son’s school was delayed ONE hour. I had checked online when I woke up. It said TWO hour delay, I set my alarm for two hours later and told my son to go back asleep. He said no, he wanted to stay up. Well somewhere between then and an hour later he turned on the TV. I remember him coming in to wake me up to tell me the TV was scrolling a one hour delay. I remember saying I will check. Yeah, in my dreams, it seems I fell asleep. Next thing I know my son is saying Mom the bus just left. I started to gain more mental function. He was all ready to go. He is not old enough to drive, so I gave him my keys to warm the car up. It takes me awhile to get myself together. I looked in the rearview mirror, I looked like I was in a fight. Like a crow had tried to pull out my hair. I commented to my son, it really does not matter what I look like. I just needed to drive. I am mechanical, not caring, just trying to get everything done. I realize that I do that too often lately. It is easier to let myself go, as long as something else gets done in its place. It just brings me down, thinking how much less I get done post stroke. Plus, I look like a pathetic mess.

Listening to the Sleet Beat Against My Window

It is a cool sound, but scary. I don’t want to lose power. I am all electric heat for now, without any backup. No generator, no wood stove, just a pile of wood outside too wet to burn anyway. Like everything else, next winter season, I hope to be better prepared. I have my car, that should run for a few hours if it gets too cold.¬†IMG_5126

I am back to my late night schedule with my morning nap. I tried to fight against it, but I guess I am part Vampire (but I hate the taste of blood). I am more like a werewolf, with the onslaught of hairy growth everywhere. ¬†Tomorrow, after I work out finally (back to the gym) I hope to spend some time at the library. It will be a different one than the small town “unique” one we went to last summer. I hope the sleet will be done and melted before everyone hits the road tomorrow.