Listening to the Sleet Beat Against My Window

It is a cool sound, but scary. I don’t want to lose power. I am all electric heat for now, without any backup. No generator, no wood stove, just a pile of wood outside too wet to burn anyway. Like everything else, next winter season, I hope to be better prepared. I have my car, that should run for a few hours if it gets too cold. IMG_5126

I am back to my late night schedule with my morning nap. I tried to fight against it, but I guess I am part Vampire (but I hate the taste of blood). I am more like a werewolf, with the onslaught of hairy growth everywhere.  Tomorrow, after I work out finally (back to the gym) I hope to spend some time at the library. It will be a different one than the small town “unique” one we went to last summer. I hope the sleet will be done and melted before everyone hits the road tomorrow.

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