Another Muddy Day

IMG_5310I know that is a bad picture, but it is what it is. These are really small mushrooms or toad stools, I don’t know the difference. I don’t like the texture or earthy taste of mushrooms so I don’t eat them. If I was starving, I would forage for them (with my luck I would use a guidebook). These are in my inside houseplants! I can’t remember if I added compost to these, or if it is straight up the miracle grow dirt.

Outside, I am usually happy to see the snow melt, but not now. My utility room flooded again. That means major work this summer. I was surprised it was not flooded the other day when I had a lake in my front yard. I guess it just is the grade of the land, and maybe it was blocked by ice before. It should stop raining and get cold enough to freeze up again this weekend. It is so muddy still, I had to wear my boots to the car. It took awhile to get my slippers on. Yes, I wear slippers instead of shoes. I live for comfort, and if people think it is because I am lazy, I don’t care. It is a frugal thing, comfy slippers $10, comfy sneaks $50 (on sale). I have also worn my pj bottoms in public, but I don’t always do that on purpose. Sometimes things just happen or I feel the need to have lightweight cotton soothing the skin on my legs. It makes up for having to drag my heavy boots through the mud. The mud is covering the inside and outside of my car. I hope I make enough to have it detailed this month. I also need to get a cover on the back seat. The dog goes in one door and out the other in the car. She does not stop and wipe her paws first. If I can’t make my driveway closer, I am going to install giant stepping stones and maybe a handrail for me.

I went through my recycle box and picked out some containers to start my seeds. I moved a few houseplants, that is how I noticed the mushrooms. I saw one or two before, but now it is an epidemic. I am going to try to keep track of my garden progress here. My next step is to put holes in the bottom of my “pots”. I have pudding cups, an egg carton, a Burger King milkshake cup, and trays from a salad container, and frosting containers make perfect pots with the lid as a tray. I also have two 2 liter soda bottles I will try to grow carrots in. I tried the toilet paper tube thing last year, and did not like it. They got too mushy and fell apart before I had a garden. Of course I never had  a garden last year. This year I have a few containers and the start of a raised bed. I also have the pieces of dead tree to start a hugelkultur plot. I guess when I dig my drainage away from my house,I can use that dirt on the pile. It won’t be perfect, but I am sure the mice and moles will like it. It is all just plans now, and plans look better in my head.

Tomorrow, I make a few dollars taking a “disabled” man shopping. I will do some of my shopping, and stop by a few thrift stores. I am not going to the auction this week. I already have too many items yet to list. I also don’t see anything online that I want at the auction this week. Lots of coins and guns again. Boring. Saturday, I am going to my first Meetup ever. I am just going to watch the movie, Identity Theft. I plan to go to at least one meetup per week. So far, I signed up for two this month. It is three different groups I am a member of, one a book club. The book club is only once per month, and I did not get my butt to the library until today. They were out of the book, so I won’t make it this month. (meeting is Monday) I ordered the book anyway, plus the one for next month. I also did not  make it to planet fitness today. I think the trick to that will be going at 11 AM. I am sure I said that a few times before. I will go, or die of a heart attack. I am also going to try the cardio before the weight machines.