My State Tax Dollars Wasting Away

IMG_5079This building is at the NY State Park where I take my dog to run. Same building as yesterdays post. It has no lock on it. I want to look inside to see if it is in use, but I don’t know if I could move these big doors. I also don’t know if they lease it out, so I won’t look. I hardly see anyone here, at the forested part I take my dog, or at the beach itself. In the summer, the campground is full. Other than that, no one except me it seems, walks the trails, explores, bikes, takes nature field trips (like school groups or scouts), or even cares if it is here. There is the occasional red neck hunter, the occasional horse brought in on horse trailer, people that need to pull there car off road to party or pee. I guess if it is not Disneyland it is not fun or worth most peoples time. I just hope that the parks stay parks even if no one else visits them.


White Sky At Night Non-Pro Photographer Delight?

IMG_5078I don’t know if I like the roof blending with the sky or not. It does not matter, I don’t have the skills to change it. It is what it is. There was something about the window on the right that caught my eye, but this photo did not capture it. Maybe it did, two alien eyes in a slit of light.

I need to know who is in charge of this building. There is a door thrown on the side. If someone just dumped it, I think it would work for my shed, or salvage door fence project (that has not happened yet). There is also some big square beams, I could cut up and stick in my car. Who needs a truck?


It is a messed up medical system

IMG_5081After spending a few hours on the phone today with my doctor, former doctor, and the medical records department of my former healthcare system, I feel totally screwed and give up hope that anyone in the medical profession is going to help me. Yet, they get paid anyway, so what the hell do they care.  I need to call them back Monday, to see if my records finally made it there.  I then will have to ask if they still have my appointment for next month, and if any of my concerns will be addressed. My mammogram from almost two years ago was not good, and after waiting for them to sort that out and reschedule a better one at my former doctor (which never happened), I finally remembered my current doctor was going to check into it. Well, they did not do a damn thing. I made an ass of myself with my messed up speech and accused them of being incompetent. I know now at least they will remember me. It is sad I have to be my own advocate, because I suck at it. BUT, it is their job that they get paid for. I will try to keep on top of them, because I have no trust since my stroke that any doctor even cares. Yes, I believe they care about jumping through hoops and following laws, but they forget that the hoops and laws protect them not the patients. I don’t care who knows my HIPPA (another annoying acronym) info, as long as it saves my life. I would rather my identity stolen than more of my brain cells lost or have years go by without a cancer diagnosis.

I am done with my rant, I took my dog for a walk to calm down. It was trying to snow and almost sunset. The snow much squishier from melting, but still there. Our forested trail is still not plowed out, so we walked the ugly horse trail. I think it is ugly, everything is the same color. There are no tall trees. She has fun sniffing there, because occasionally horses do walk there too. I have not seen any horse prints all week. I only saw one set of prints that were not ours all week. It is sad that no one gets out of their car to visit the state park. They do once in awhile park there, I see them or the car tracks.

At the pharmacy today, Ashly started to growl at the store. I was wondering what she was seeing. They have big pictures of peoples faces to cover the windows, so you can’t see inside. I kept looking, I could not see movement, or anyone nearby on the sidewalk. She stretched her head and looked serious growling more, almost barking. I told her not too worry we were leaving. I wonder if she saw something paranormal, those big people pictures have always been there. She has been with me to the same store many times. It could have just been a security window, because the person in front of me set off the alarm in the door. I was wearing my boots (because of the mud). I walk like half zombie half drunk in them. They are heavy to lift my paralyzed ankle without dragging my toe a bit. I then place my foot down crooked and adjust my balance with my “good” side. I swear every  time I wear my boots in different stores I hear them call for security. Even the grocery store, it does not help I stick my left arm in my pocket, and it is straight down like I am hiding something. I am trying to hide my arm from swinging every which way, possibly goosing someone. That would be my preferred stance, if all the customers were nice looking guys. There are all kinds of characters in any store.

Well,  I took the picture of the abandoned brick house on my way back from our dog outing yesterday. It was sunny, and perfect for all kinds of pictures. I see this house all the time. I wish I could get inside to look. I wish I was able to restore it, or tear it down and salvage all these bricks, the roof shingles, and the awesome corbels. Most people are strange to let these things go, they value lousy medical service, professional sports and Walmart more.

Genuine Love

IMG_5072I took the love of my life for a run today. She appreciated that I cracked open the car window, to give her snout a workout. It appears she enjoyed her time in the sun, even though the snow did not completely melt. I noticed the steak house down the street was busy for a Thursday. Too bad all this appreciation and love was not shown everyday. I am single, but I don’t mind. I know I love myself. I would take myself out, buy myself chocolates, send me flowers everyday, and cherish every word I say. That is real love, almost as good as the genuine love from a pet.

My new saying after seeing a facebook post about pitt bulls not being able to hold their licker, when my dog starts her kiss fest, “Oh no, she can’t hold her licker”.


My Understanding of Language

Words are for communicating……full words, spell  them out, listen to their unique sounds! Don’t waste the 1000s of years we have developed our human language.

Acronyms are for limiting your language, for saying something when you don’t want to bother saying the whole word or phrase, that you are too lazy to enunciate, for assuming everyone is in on the acronyms (especially medical terms).

I actually did not know what OT/PT stood for until after I had my stroke, I heard it spoken many times, usually in a conversation about a child with alternate needs in school. I graduated with a BS (Bachelor of Science) in Elementary Education, this was discussed in one of my classes, I did not have a clue to what they really meant.

I have read 100s if not 1,000s of books without acronyms in them. So WTF do I need them now for… the Universe, please make this trend of turning every noun, verb and phrase into a acronym….I had a CVA (cerebral vascular event), if I had trouble before my short term memory loss how the pluck will I ever learn acronymese now.


you can look up the meaning here

End of my rant posting, it just seems like the last 24 hours I encountered more unknown to me acronyms than I have in years.

To change the subject. This picture is called Heat Loss. I need a new roof and better insulation, I knew that. I just never encountered a stalagmite type icicle supporting my roof from the ground up.


Pic of my “New” Wine boxes headboard

IMG_4947The gap between the bottom of the boxes and top of the mattress is on purpose, for my future memory foam mattress topper. The curtains will be hung higher someday. My antique receipt spike will also have a picture impaled on it and something on the top so I don’t impale myself while dreaming. I hope to find more wine boxes to put on the other wall in the corner, plus add at least one above for more shelving. This is what it is for now. I like it, I have somewhere for my tissues and lava lamp. What more could a girl ask for? You see someone else is comfortable and stinking up my pillow with dog funk oil.


Posting Until My Eyeballs Burn Out

IMG_4457I did not bake anything today, but it has not been too stormy out. I had more snow in that previous mailbox picture than we have now. That is with a few inches already on the ground. I went out this afternoon to get the real queen her hypoallergenic $100 a bag food. I did not have to clear off my car. My son stayed home from school sick, school was not cancelled. He has a touch of bronchitis, which he always seems to get. He must be sick, he went to bed early without me suggesting it, on a weekend.

I have been trying to list my millions of items of junk for sale. I need to ramp up the profits to pay for all my repair woes of late. I suppose the next electric bill will be off the charts as well. I sold only three items so far this month, about 1/5 of the dollar amount I made the first week of Oct., Nov., or Dec. and lower than last month too. Last month tanked, and this month so far is much worse. I won’t give up my hope that better things will happen.

I received a helpful email from someone who identified my pulley gadget  I have had listed. He said it was a barbed wire stretcher, for putting up or repairing fence. I guess I won’t need it. I like my barbed wire un-stretched. That is the picture of part of the rusty contraption. I really did not buy this, it came inside the wagon I bought at the auction. I might as well make a few bucks on it. It takes me hours to take pictures, list, pack, send, so in other words I am worth about 50 cents per hour. I only need to work 10 hours to buy a quart of juice.

My Precious Sleep

I have been trying to stay on the early to bed schedule. For some weird reason time went extra fast and it is already tomorrow (after midnight). It looks like we are going to get dumped on with snow. My special allergy dog food did not come in yet, so I might have to drive in the storm tomorrow. I do still have her regular food, so her belly will be full, but she will be itchy. I am hoping I can get the smaller size bag to tide her over. (even though it is even more expensive)

I made cookies from a cake mix. They are good, but I can taste the sodium overload. I added chocolate chips, oatmeal, and pecans. Tomorrow while being snowed in, I plan on baking banana blueberry bread and maybe something my son will eat. I might even convince him to make something for himself.

My son was happy that his team (him and a girl in his class) broke the 7th grade record (at his school) for building the tallest tower out of a few sheets of paper and a certain length of tape. They won the first day breaking the record. Today when competing, others broke their record, but they managed to win by making their new one even taller. Part of their success was my sons making a coiled (think chinese finger cufflinks) paper telescoping roll. So my son’s hours of goofing off in school the last few years making origami items has paid off. I give credit to his teammate that came up with the other good idea design plan. Both of them should get extra credit for teamwork. I don’t understand why they were doing this in computer class. It must be what to do when your computer is offline.

Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?
Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?

Bite me Sunshine

IMG_4732I am back on the downward spiral. The plumber came and it is nothing but bad news and money down the toilet, literally. My town is going to install sewers in two years. That is a long time to hold it. My arm hurts from shopping, thinking about carrying laundry to my car is making it hurt more. I refuse to make hurried decisions. I don’t like any of my choices. I just need a flipping miracle. I need a good nights sleep.


Shame on All Companies Customer Service

After waiting for a plumber to not show up at the time I scheduled for today, I was told my appointment does not show in their system. Mmmm, miscommunication again. I am not letting my blood pressure go up. I can feel it did a little. I ask, why always me? They say I never called, they came I was not here, or something out of their bag on canned excuses. Wether it is a former or current phone service, my former sattelite service, the electric company, my former mortgage bank, now the plumber my calls are like whispers into the wind. I am so patient. Tomorrow, I will be roaring mad if they don’t show up. Without my morning nap I will be ruthless.