Ruff and Tumble

IMG_5330I have encountered some of my limits, that I tend to forget spending so much time in the safety of my home. I was bringing my dog in from the car today. It was dark out. She usually walks good for me, after I tell her three times. Not when people with dogs walk by. Talk about bad timing. A few seconds later we would have been in the door. We both heard them coming from behind my car walking in front of my house. They were good dogs, meaning they did not drag their owners through the snow. They did not bark or show any signs of aggression. My dog does not share her yard at all. She jerked me down hard and pulled me about 5 feet before her muscles could not pull my big as a truck body. I held on to the leash, knowing she would cause a tussle if she got near the other dogs. I survived, but I feel like my whole right side will now be bruised. That is my good side, the one I depend on. Life goes on, I adjust and vow to make it better. Somehow.

I went to a movie last night. Another, didn’t think it all through moment. It was at a theatre I never went to before. I have not been to see a movie since moving here. I went to a social MeetUp, putting away my fear of meeting new people. Putting away my fear of looking presentable without a haircut in almost a year. No hair dye, no makeup, I wore my slippers I was so brave. I also did not think anything of walking up stairs to the top of the theatre. I can do stairs, just slowly, with my left foot landing wherever it wants. I had too many considerations to even think about walking down the stairs until the movie was over and everyone was filing out. I was near the end of the row so felt obligated to get out. I went down about two rows, badly, slowly, the damn handrail on the wrong side. I spilled my drink. Another mistake, never try to carry anything when you need that one hand. I set out again after putting the lid back on my drink, and let most of the people ahead of me. I still managed to drop my whole drink, splashing it up the carpeted wall. Now you know how the theatre gets so sticky.

I think the humiliation, and realization I can not do everything hurts just as bad as my busted up body.

Some Day I Will Figure It Out

IMG_5265I don’t know why these antique postcards have insets of pictures. Some are in ovals, keyholes, shape of the cross or just random shapes. This looks like it is on top of a letter D. I could be totally wrong, but I think they ┬áhave some hidden meaning or message. Maybe everyone knows but me.