I saw her laying in a patch of sunlight

IMG_5487Ashley sleeps almost all day and night. She always sleeps in my bed if I am on the computer, or out on the couch if I am in the kitchen, shower, or sitting watching TV. I walked out today, she was laying on the floor! There was a small square of sunlight coming in the kitchen window. She laid out, like she was at the beach trying to catch a tan. I immediately decided we needed to go for a walk. I took my trip to the post office first, so I would not have to wear the blasted boots. I came back and put my boots on and we took off. The snow on the wooded trail has melted and refroze into an ice base. It had just a sprinkle of new snow on top. I walked ok, most of the way. It was just tricky when occasionally┬áI was too heavy for the ice and sank uneven. I did not fall, and even walked further than usual. I want to go to the other end someday. I don’t want to walk all the way through alone. It is comforting to know I might eventually drag myself to the car. At least be in yelling distance if another car shows up. Not many people have been there. The cross country skier trail, me and Ash, a deer, and a small squirrel or raccoon were the only tracks to be seen. It was heartening to at least see a few cars pull into the beach area.