Happy Like Sunshine on Green Trees

IMG_5481This picture was from yesterdays outing. Today it tried to be cloudy, but I saw the sun a few times. We took the dog to the dog wash, not her favorite thing. When I hire my other servants I plan on hiring a dog groomer too. I need to clean my car too, it was right there. I was too exhausted. I stayed up and did the blood test. I went to two stores. I had maybe 5-10 minutes of rest. Since bringing her back all clean, she wanted to play and eat.

I am trying to not stress out about what my house needs to make it “nice”. It needs a maid, a professional organizer, pest control (spiders, mice and bats), and structural repair. I guess I will play maid and professional organizer tomorrow. The rest I will just not look at for now. I will look at my Pinterest pins and “visualize” my success. I am still plugging away to get “it”. “It” is the secret.