Thawing my Heart

IMG_5483When the snow is gone, when the water looks blue, when the grass is green, when trees are obviously budding I will know for sure it is Spring. Everything just gets better from there, I can walk even in the rain.

I made myself a list to accomplish today. Not one thing is done. I woke up late. My son forgot to set his alarm. I ended up driving him to school. Sometime later in the morning I fell back asleep. I went to the post office and pulling back into my driveway I noticed my Christmas lights still wrapped around my porch. It is March, those damn lights should be put away. I look out my back window and see the people a couple of streets away still have lights on an evergreen turned on. I don’t feel so bad, unless they have Easter lights.

I dread going to the doctor tomorrow. My blood looked dark purple when they drew it a few days ago. The clinic worker said that is normal. Really, my blood was never that dark before. It is either full of cholesterol or no white cells, that is all I can think of. I guess no need to worry until I find out. I just know I am tired, very tired.