So Much Time Wasted Today

IMG_5472Because I am a forgetful idiot. I tried to drive to a strangers house after leaving my google maps printout home. I have forgotten maps before, and with a bit of circling blocks the road names would click. Not this time, plus I was far from home. Well about 1/2 hour, but I did not know anybody in the area. Now it will add to my anxiety if I have to meet these people again. I might never have friends. I am surely my own worst enemy.

I also did not make time for Ash, no walk in the woods. She does not seem to mind, so hopefully we will go tomorrow. My son has been at his friends all day. I feel like I am wasting his life as well. I need to make him go places, play outside, do more chores, read, interact with lots of people not just the neighbors. They are ok, but they are not me or our family. Since moving here, my son has not done much with me at all. It is hard to talk to him. I don’t talk video game speak.  I can not even set an example, he does not notice me reading, writing, baking. I also have been procrastinating my own chores too much, so what example he is seeing is bad. That being said, I need to clean out the shower and put up the new shower curtain.