Todays Drive By Shooting

IMG_5493It was warmish today, and mostly sunny. Almost all the snow is gone from my yard.   The pond that was forming by my driveway is drying up. I dragged my son out into the real world, to experience fresh air. Our usual dog running spots were full of horse trailers and trucks, so we drove on in search of a different “run free” area. We ended up a few miles north at a canal lock. It had cars parked in the lot, so we turned around and parked further down the canal. We walked down the back road. Ash did run a bit. Her sniffer got a workout, having the car window open. She is so funny, she loves to gulp in the stinky farm smells. Horse smell excites her.

My son was annoyed that I pulled over to take my roadside pictures. I only got in two drive bys today. There was another scene of an overgrown animal pen and gate that I might go back for tomorrow. I might go south instead, they have more snow on the ground just a few miles north.