Lets Talk About Neglect

IMG_5492This picture was taken right next to yesterdays post pic. I am not sure what it is. Looks like a train wreck, this is just one close up portion. It could be an old motel, a heap of mobile homes, burned out long ago farm barn or house, I don’t know. It is just another of hundreds of properties left in ruins. No one cares to build it up or tear it down. No one cares, at least the owners don’t or can’t.

I finally took down my Christmas lights, made it before Easter. It did not rain today, so the mud is starting to dry. My yard is free of snow. Now my neglected house stands out, like the fallen barns in the neat cornfields. My natural gas line has patina, my roof tarp is in shreds, big peeling chunks of white paint fell off my trim. I really want to paint the trim before the roof repair. Only because it is something I can do myself. It will need to warm up just a bit. We are due for a few more coldish days.

My Ebay sales are stagnent. I plan on listing everything I have pictures of tonight. Changing some keywords, lowering some prices, thinking positive, hoping to clear out the old and make way for some fresh new merchandise. I still need to take a lot more pictures. I hope to work on that all this week. My goal is to have everything listed by this weekend. Even though my sales are stagnent, I am on track to sell as much as I did in October through December. That would be sweet to take one week off per month and still have the same or more sales. I will make that my goal for the next few months.

I have neglected to go the the gym. I went to the laundry-mat today to play catch up on the piles of laundry. I do a load here and there at home, but my flooded septic field can barely handle it. I had to wear pajamas in public. It did not kill me, or make me stronger. It did tire me out, even with my son helping carry more than half. Now after I finish drying the next three loads, I will have jeans to wear tomorrow. I might make it to the gym and the library, if I can get my act together.