My 2 Cents

IMG_3237The whole day has been strange. It was sunny most all day. I of course am in a good mood, I thank the sunshine. I am oblivious that one half hour away some crazy guy shot 6 people, 4 are dead. The guy is still at large. I did not know this until my son came home and handed me a note from his school. They kept all the kids inside all day, and cancelled after school activities. I then checked the online news. I checked over and over, they still did not find him as of 45 minutes ago. I guess I am better of LIVING being oblivious to the world. I was staying home until he was captured. I won’t be a prisoner, so I am going out to the store. I have to, I forgot a few things the other day.

It also started to snow. That is a bummer. It is supposed to get a bit colder too. I will let this be the last time. I have been saying that for a few weeks. It is OK if this is the last snow. It is OK if this is the last “loner, crazy ill” person to shoot up innocent people for no known reason.

2 thoughts on “My 2 Cents

  1. They finally got him, but a dog had to die in the line of duty. They had shown a robot on the news yesterday. It looked like a robot. They should have used a robot that looked like a dog. If it was a video game, some kids could have figured it out. They could have sent in a pack of robot dogs to get him. Maybe next time, because we all know there will be a next time.

    It is still snowing. It is bleeping cold. My water heater sounds sick.

  2. Often times it is much better to be oblivious to the news of evil in our world. Forty-five minutes is awfully close. Glad you stayed safe.

    Perspective is a lovely thing, isn’t it? My daughter saw other parts of the country were still getting snow. We are in California. She was upset everyone else still gets to play in the snow and she is stuck picking snow peas for snacks. She doesn’t believe me after this long of a winter there are many people who would prefer to be out picking peas rather than playing in the snow. 🙂

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