It snowed more, blech

IMG_5602I took this pic the other day, before snow or BS. I thought it looked like fungus imitating corn on the cob. Maybe it is a GMO reject. Originally eaten by crows then dropped over the trees, trampled into the ground on the walkway. I love conspiracy theories. Sometimes I feel the need to question everything.

It is truly Spring. The fallen snow is condensing quick, melting a little. The sun is longer and works quite quick on warming up my windshield. I had to go get my heart echo today. It was neat to watch. It had color, I don’t remember the one in the hospital having color. I could be wrong. Anyhow, I won’t get my results until next week. At least my heart was beating. It sounded normalish to me. It is a good sign I was not sent straight away to emergency. I really think my doc just orders these tests because the insurance pays for them. I have OT tomorrow. I can’t wait until they see what my arm and hand might be able to do someday. I know it does not matter what the experts say. I know my fingers and arm have improved in my second year.

Ugly covers Beauty

IMG_5606I love the stone on this brick building. I love the round window on the second floor. The signs plastered all over are just ugly. I took this picture a few days ago. The lighting was not right, and I refused to get out of  my car for a different angle.

I had a yard full of greening grass, it is now covered in snow. The last snow, I hope. It already started to melt, but more is falling. More mud in the making. I need a bridge to get to my car.