Another Day of Sunshine

IMG_5605Incredibly, I got more done today than all of last week. It is not midnight yet either. I  did not have time for my morning nap, I had a morning OT appointment. It was just a initial visit of measuring the angles of my fingers closed my arm extended, my wrist, etc. Now, I get to wait for my insurance to approve my OT and PT before I start up my regular visits. I need to dig out my AFO and my hand splint, I should be wearing these part of the day I was advised. I bought new wiper blades, and had the salesman put them on. I was so proud I remembered to do something that needed to get done, before it was too late. My wipers were in shreds, that made it easy to remember. I felt good knowing I did not make someone fix them in the hail or rain or subzero temps. I took the time to pick out reading glasses, and yes I look like my long dead Grandma Smith. I will be buying hair dye soon. I was on the fence about bothering to color my hair, but not any more. I will also need to keep up with my eyebrow waxing. I just need to find a person that does it right, like my former Tupper Lake salon gal. I found a few treasures at Sallie (Salvation Army Thrift Store) to list, someday soon. I made it to the library, and found the book for the book club I joined. It is not in large print, so I will be testing out the new readers tonight. They do work wonderful  to hold back my bangs. I might consider wearing them as a headband, to read labels in stores. I can not use them to walk, they make everything blurry and weird. I managed to take the dog along and my son  to get a quick run in for her. It seemed like I did more today, so I must have. I also took a quick afternoon nap. I was trying to watch the British version of the Office. I did see a show or two before nodding off.

I still have tons of things that I have put off far too long. I hope to get a few done tomorrow, before my kids get here from Boston. My daughter is staying here for the weekend. My older son is taking my 13 year old son so they can hang out this  weekend. I have laundry, looking for a dentist, making my son clean his room and pack (he did throw his duffle bag into the middle of the living room floor, before declaring he does not know what to pack), unburying the afo and hand splint, reorganizing and condensing my sale items. Starting some seeds. Calling the pound to see what I can do to volunteer. (I am thinking picture taking, article writing, facebook presence, blog?, or just petting or playing with the small fry)  Or, if my glasses work wonderfully, I will be reading all day. My son has no school, so no alarm clock automatically makes it a great day.