Maple Sweet Maple

IMG_5621A pic of my daughter holding her flat (twin) nephew’s school projects. My son’s school has their own maple sap to syrup production. This weekend was open house, with a free tour of the fields and sap house and sugar shack. They own the USAs biggest $36,000 biomass fueled evaporation unit. Some of the biomass grown on the grounds of the school. I have seen commercial maple syrup production before, but not on this grand of a scale. I bought a quart to try out soon. We also bought a sample of maple cotton candy. I wish I had took a picture of the 100 gallon cast iron kettle with fire pit. I could always go back any day and grab a pic, it is right down the road.

I have been exhausted from climbing in and out of the wagon. We were also outside in the cooler than expected temps. I woke up this morning and read some more of my book club book. It is so much easier to read with my reading glasses. It is hard to hold the book constantly at the same distance while I toss and turn in bed. I wore my AFO yesterday but not today. It kind of marked up my skin yesterday. I need to remember to put on hand splint on before I fall asleep.

First Time Bowling in over 2 Years

IMG_5604Today I took my daughter shopping. I found socks for myself. They are black 100% cotton, and most important Made in the USA. I love that I found them. I also got one bra on clearance. Since my stroke, I have been limited to one style. I like the pull on sports bras that are camisole style straps. The racerbacks are too difficult to get on with one hand. Hooks are out of the question too. I have enough struggles and frustrations everyday. I don’t need getting dressed to be any harder.

We then went to a diner, I had fried greasy food. It won’t happen too often. I also had blackberry pie. It was horrible, I choked it down.

Then off to try bowling. It was awkward. I did OK. I did not fall. I bowled 75 with many gutter balls. No strikes or spares today.