First Time Bowling in over 2 Years

IMG_5604Today I took my daughter shopping. I found socks for myself. They are black 100% cotton, and most important Made in the USA. I love that I found them. I also got one bra on clearance. Since my stroke, I have been limited to one style. I like the pull on sports bras that are camisole style straps. The racerbacks are too difficult to get on with one hand. Hooks are out of the question too. I have enough struggles and frustrations everyday. I don’t need getting dressed to be any harder.

We then went to a diner, I had fried greasy food. It won’t happen too often. I also had blackberry pie. It was horrible, I choked it down.

Then off to try bowling. It was awkward. I did OK. I did not fall. I bowled 75 with many gutter balls. No strikes or spares today.

One thought on “First Time Bowling in over 2 Years

  1. Bowling? Wow, you are good. That is one skill I have trouble mastering past the third frame. 🙂

    I love your points about the bras. It is one of the many changes strokes can cause, yet we never hear about. Thanks for writing about it.

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