Unsung Handicap

IMG_5597I can no longer see that well. It has progressed much more since my stroke, but I can not tell if it is caused by my stroke. The one eye doctor that tested me said I was 20/30, not too bad. I was advised to get reading glasses. I finally bought a pair and tried them out. I used them to read, holding a book at a distance that made them work. It makes my one good arm work harder. Like everything else I do, I overuse my right/good side. I lost my glasses already. I will have to have a pair in the car and every room to prevent going without.

I have had trouble taking pictures. I can not tell if they are out of focus. I partly need to use a tripod. I finally dug out the tripod I have never used. I was thinking that maybe if I use my reading glasses as well, I might be able to tell if I am out of focus by looking in the view finder. I still have not found my glasses. I cleaned off my desk, the last place my book was. They were not there. I finally found them under the bed.

My head felt cloudy all morning. I re-woke at 10:30AM, but could not function until after 1PM. I am exhausted already and will most likely be asleep by midnight.  Fatigue and bad eyesight are two things that affect my quality of life, but both are hard for me to correct.

I talked to my mother for the first time in over a week. I told her we were coming up for one day on the weekend. It will be Friday or Saturday. I did not want a big Easter fuss up there. I do not eat Beef or Pork (or any mammals). ¬†My son is an even pickier eater, combined with my low salt diet I do not want to eat up there. I don’t know how to let my sister and Mother know that my visiting is to visit, not feast. I am not religious, my son is too old for the Easter Bunny. It just happens to be a long weekend that should not be a snow storm.