I Am Craving Chocolate Cookies

IMG_5645I like mine with oatmeal, coconut, and chocolate chips. I am out of chocolate chips, so I will hope to remember to pick some up tomorrow. I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, to go over the results of my heart echo. I might just eat salad tomorrow and more sweet potatoes with pineapple. It all depends if I get gloom and doom news or if I feel fit and healthy. I am not sure which way my appetite will go.

I took a few pictures and listed a few more things on Ebay. Of course about 100 of my old listings ended without sales. I need to regroup my postcards. Since I became top rated seller I only sold like one postcard. Yikes, I was doing better before. I also only sold 1/2 my average monthly sales. I have been slacking, but not that much. The snow is melting quick, so I will need a lawnmower before I know it. I plan on getting a used one, but I want one that is easy to use. If I don’t make enough to get my top of the line cordless electric, I will be bummed. I could get cute little goats to eat my grass, but I don’t want the responsibility. I already am maxed out on vet bills with one dog.