Springy Dingy

IMG_5664I found some green in the forest. The flattest ferns I ever saw. My yard is almost snowless, but still has too much standing water. I made the decision to visit my Mom on Friday and come back Saturday. She is making a turkey  Saturday. I love turkey. That was all she had in her freezer, lucky me. My sister invited us for Easter ham dinner, but I will be home. I need to recover before my son goes back to school Monday. His spring break is not for another week. I plan on taking him to the baseball museum in Cooperstown one of those days. I need to plan a few more closer trips for him as well.

I had sweet potatoes and pineapple again. This time without the maple syrup. It was sweet enough without it. I plan on making a bunch of french toast tomorrow for dinner, so I can really taste the syrup. I am both glad and surprised I am not a diabetic. I consume more than my fair share of carbs and sweets. I found a vegan/Indian recipe I want to try using chickpea flour. I hate chickpeas, but it has lots of veggies and spice for flavor. It will probably be good with maple syrup as well.

My heart is fine, says the doctor. Good news, and I won’t have to go back until the end of July. I also got the approval of my insurance for therapy, so I need to call tomorrow for my appointments. I have to remember to tell him my afo scraped up my leg. I hope I can get a custom made one finally.

I am still working on my schedule, and fitting exercise into my life. I walked today, when I took the dog for a run. I know that is not enough to keep me healthy. I hope to get to planet fitness tomorrow. I also want to get another book from the library. I am contemplating joining or starting another book club.

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