Burning Daylight

IMG_5706It was so so so Niiiiccccceeee today, I had planned to spend time outside working on my yard. I asked my son if he wanted to paint my planters. Of course none of that was done, or even started. I did take my girl for a long walk. I walked further than we have before. I did not think I could make it back since I was already on max breathing mode and chest tightening. I did make it back, and now I know I can go a little further next time. I just hope my son is willing. I am still scared to do it alone because my dog is off leash. If we met anyone else with a dog even one on a leash it would probably be a disaster. At least on the drive back we passed some people walking some dogs and she did not shake, she just wined. She was so happy just to stick her nose out the window and not be left home alone. We left her alone two days in a row. One day she ate my bread, the next day she ate my sons bread off the table. When I went to the post office this morning she pulled a bag off the table. At least she did not tear it all apart and scatter around.

We went to the auction last night. They had so much good stuff. Most was so good it went way over my willing to pay price. It also had some stuff no one else wanted. Bottom feeder that I am took it. I did not take all the unwanted, there was a table full that did not sell. I got a shoe shine kit (cool, but not my style) for $2 I took a chance that it won’t sit in my house forever. I bought a huge box of old Christmas stuff, more postcards, more little smalls assorted boxes no one wanted, some enamel pans that will become planters (maybe if I don’t sell them), and my son bought a huge suitcase for $1. So instead of enjoying this nice day, I took pictures while the sun shined. It is easier to take pictures with good lighting. It is still free listing days on ebay so I am trying to list as much as I can.

This postcard is from the 60s. That is Anne Francis with Robby the Robot, from the Sci-Fi movie Forbidden Planet. I had no idea, but after a few minutes searching I do now. I wish I looked like her, but I look more like Robby except not dark at all. I glow in the dark. I need to get back to work. I have grandchildren on the way to plan for. The plan is to get in shape and move my arm and fingers more to hold the new grandbaby by November (when it is due). I also need to save more money, which seems even more impossible than getting in shape.

I Was Suzy Homemaker Today

IMG_4194I baked a cake and made dinner. I did not get my car cleaned out yet, or the millions of other chores I have yet to do. I ate cake and watched some more comedy on Netflix.

I saw on facebook and pinterest a pineapple and angel food cake mix cake (the only two ingredients), it is tasty, and was easy. I mixed it in the pan but next time I think I will mix it in a bowl, then put in a greased pan. I don’t like to waste the part that sticks to the pan.

I made baked chicken thighs and mashed potatoes, and that was it. I have been using bagged salad for the last few months. I am trying to simplify my life, to save time for therapy, gardening and fun stuff. I am never going to do the chicken thighs again with the bone and skin, too much work. It makes me want to be a vegetarian even more.

Slow Progress

IMG_5690Drove past this heap O’ trash again yesterday. Some of the same trash is still there. I might have to make some phone calls to see who takes care of it, if anyone. I  might pick up some of it, but will have to remember to take gloves and trash bags.  I have my own lawn to take care of. I picked up most of my broken pottery that happened over winter. I have one terra cotta pot, that won’t “work” anymore. It cracked too much to hold the contents, which are some Japanese Iris that I took from my mothers house. All my perennials are showing signs of green sprouting. I deadheaded some and moved the pots to get more sun and rain. I uprighted my Elvis Gnome again. I don’t know if it is a human or cat or other animal that knocks him over. I put him on a more secure spot for now. I ordered my lawnmower, finally. I decided to spring for what I want. I could not find a decent priced push mower, even gas powered. So I ordered the rechargeable electric, no fumes or noise, easy start. It is supposed to mulch as well, so hopefully I can plow through the fall leaves that did not get raked. I should say, my son needs to plow through, it will be his job.

I had OT and PT again, I am whipped physically again. OT is trying to get me to counteract my arm pulling in. It is getting ever so slightly better, so I hope to carry on. I also need to call about my afo tomorrow. I keep forgetting. On the way in from the parking lot, I was greeted by garbage. Fucking lazy pigs, I wish I could see these people who just let their trash fall where it may. I picked up an empty McDs cup from just outside my car door, and a dirty old coffee cup stuck in the planter by the door. I then deposited inside where they have garbage cans. If you can not keep your garbage in your own car until you get home, at least carry it to the nearest garbage can. I am far from the cleanest person in the world, yet this bugs me.  I think when companies make cut backs, cleaning is one of the first jobs to go. People used to sweep in front of their buildings several times a day.

Well after talking about lazy human pigs, I need to go pick up my own house. I am just a few steps from being on hoarders. I hope to clean out my car and febreeze the dog funk out of it tomorrow.

It is Too Nice To Be Inside

IMG_5686This is not a recent picture, I have not taken any in a few weeks. I have tried to get the bugs out of my iphoto. I think I will wait for a more tech savvy person  to attempt. I have tried several times to delete many photos, mostly blurry or items I sold long ago on ebay. It does not seem to make my iphoto stop getting a spinning beach ball.

I have been groggy since waking up with the birds singing and chirping. The real reason I wake up is to pee, but that does not sound so cheery. I tried to take my morning nap, but set my alarm so I would not sleep past 11AM. It seemed to work, yet I mostly just dosed in and out while watching comedians on netflex. Some take too long to deliver their punch line, some just swear but add funny movements. I chose mostly unkown to me, but recommended by netflix. It is supposed to be based on what I watched previously, but I suspect random BS is their formula.

I need to take my girl for a walk. I have errands and yard work. I hope to burn in my firepit sometime this week.

Hello blue sky

IMG_5685I enjoyed the warmer weather yesterday, as I set free another mouse I caught in my humane trap. I took Ashley along for the ride, since they predicted rain and cold today. It is cold, compared to the last few days. It is above freezing, so will just have to wear a hoodie instead of a tee shirt. It poured last night as we left a birthday party. It was at a bowling alley, so I bowled one game. I had a lot of gutter balls. I was sort of embarassed at my shaky left arm as I through the bowl. Combined with my hobbling walk to the foul line, I am extra self conscious. I wonder if it is as painful for others to watch. What pained me more was my son was in a grumpy mood. He refused to eat pizza or cake and did not smile. His doctor recommended he join a group to meet other kids, than the day in day out crowd that he is judging himself by. I am on a mission to find something for him to join, but his attitude makes it more difficult.

It is not rainy like they said, so I hope to get out to soak up my vitamin D. I also hope to find a garage sale or two on my way to the store.

Washed Away

IMG_5687The rain has been non-stop. The local river is in flood stage. My house and yard are holding water. I can not believe that this place has been standing over 50 years. The water patterns must have changed. It really gets me down between the mud and worry. I worry that it might never stop raining.

I need to trudge all my laundry through the mud to get to my car. There is no way I can add more water to my septic system. It makes me tired to just think about it.

This week has been less than fun for my son. He had the week off from school. He spent a few hours in the emergency room getting an IV of antibiotics for his tooth abscess that blew up. He then finally got in to the local dentist, to be referred to a specialist that took half a day to fit him into a already booked full week. They still hesitantly gave me a time, it sounds like we will be waiting forever in the waiting room. I need to remember my reading glasses this time.

The Filthy Human’s Habitat

IMG_5682I could not believe the amount of trash at a roadside rest stop along the Erie Canal. The picnic area, parking area, and the canal itself looked like a garbage truck exploded. This is Clinton’s Ditch, the former “road” to NY prosperity. It is now a great place for a towpath trail for scenic garbage viewing. I did not have  gloves or garbage bags with me. I don’t think I would have energy to clean up the whole place myself. I would also need a boat and net to clean up the waterway. Instead, I will just document it for now.

Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true

Trying to make this happen

The Responsive Universe


“Never say anything about yourself you do not want to come true.”

~Brian Tracy

There is a lot of truth to this quote by Brian Tracy; scientific truth… We live in a Universe where every light wave, cell and particle of matter is connected at the sub-atomic level. In Quantum Physics the action of scientifically viewing matter at the sub-atomic level requires the observer to be considered part of the experiment. The act of observing changes the outcome of the research – our consciousness and instinct becomes interwoven into the fabric of the observable outcome.

Therefore even your smallest thoughts, feelings and actions do matter. Each mental imprint and outward action creates this ripple of energy that will affect innumerable outcomes in your life and those that surround or are connected to you. This quality is what explains karma, the power of prayer and positive and negative manifestation.

People can…

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Vet Bill was more than my mortgage

IMG_5670I might have to get Ashley a part time job, so she can pay her own bills. A few shots, nails clipped, ears cleaned and swabbed to confirm they are full of bacteria and yeast, plus she gained 4 pounds eating too much $100 a bag food. I might have my power turned off and my car repo’d. She has to go back in 3 weeks, that won’t be free either. It was supposed to be warm and sunny. We had hail, sleet, snow and wind moving our car on the way home. I managed to buy some human food and pigged out, since you never know when it will be the last supper. Just kidding, but I have been ravenous the last few days. I made oatmeal (old fashioned) this morning for breakfast. Whole grains make me hungry, not feeling full. I forgot to add coconut, but hope to try that tomorrow. My cinnamon tasted blah, it is probably not real.

I am wiped out tired, not sure if it is the weather or financial shock that wore me out. I am going to sleep now, and hopefully wake up with a second wind of energy. I realized it is the beginning of my son’s week off from school. I had wanted to plan things for each day. I have nothing planned yet. I want to take him to Cooperstown, but did not plan that out yet either. It won’t be tomorrow.