IMG_5679I passed 400 posts, forgot to party. I am wiped out. I am facing PT tomorrow, in the morning. I am not a morning person. I stayed awake this morning, and burned out early. I fell asleep around 5 and woke up at almost 8. I am better off sleeping in, I get the same amount of work done. I am in a much better mood if I get enough sleep. I feel like the biggest bitch in the world right now. I have to hold back my fingers from typing what I really want to say to my book club. I am finally set to go next Monday, book is read, nothing else scheduled. Some wombat, suggested it should be rescheduled because SU is in the final four. That is college basketball, March madness, fucking sports. I just want to comment to that person, that every meeting is scheduled in advance, everyone makes a choice whether they can attend or not. Pick what is most important to you, book club or watch your bleeping game. Should the world revolve around sports? Not my world, not a book club. I know why I have no friends, I don’t relate to anyone. My   friend repelling karma is strong.

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